Interference from the Labor Party’s Head Office to favour Janelle Saffin in the selection of a Labor candidate for Lismore has Thomas George riled up.

“It’s quite rich of Janelle Saffin to come out swinging when Labor’s Sydney Head Office has given her special treatment over and above other local candidates” Mr George said.

“The whole affair flies in the face of giving our community a choice and Labor should be ashamed of itself.”

“What the Labor Party has opted to do is help the plight of a former State and Federal MP – a career politician – who first ran for parliament 27 years ago in 1991.”

“They have denied locals a say in who their candidate is.”

“They’ve even disenfranchised local Labor members, with Mayor Isaac Smith pressured to withdraw despite announcing his intention to run.”

“The irony is that local Labor party members had more of a say in the Nationals’ Community Preselection, then they will in selecting the Labor candidate.”

“We handed this choice back to the community and over 3,600 people had their say.”

“The people’s choice was Austin Curtin, it’s as simple as that.”

“If Labor can only manage to parachute in a career politician with the help of Sussex Street in Sydney, how can they deliver for us locally?”

Editor’s Note:

The Nationals’ Lismore Community Preselection was open to every enrolled voter in the State Electorate of Lismore. Over 3,600 voted at booths across the electorate on November 18, 2017. Austin Curtin, a Tregeagle farmer with no prior history in politics won the preselection with 54.9% of the vote.

The Nationals pioneered the first Community Preselection in Tamworth and to date are the only party to have held a community preselection where locals have the final say.

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