Member for Lismore Thomas George has criticised Lismore City Councilors following discussions at its monthly meeting on Tuesday 10 April 2018.

Councilors raised questions regarding the amount of funding being made available by the state and federal governments to manage road maintenance and upkeep. However, Mr George has stated that the NSW State Government already provides significant money to assist with this issue.

“Lismore City Council receives its funding based on the same ratio given to all councils across the state. Council needs to take responsibility of its own budget and how they manage funding provided to them.

“Lismore City Council has received nearly $2 million in the past financial year from the NSW Government Regional Roads Block Funding Program. This excludes extensive funding provided by the Federal Government.” Mr George said.

Following the March 2017 flood event, Lismore City Council received significant funding to specifically assist with fixing road infrastructure following a natural disaster.

“I recently facilitated a meeting with Lismore City Council Executive Staff and the Minister for Finance, Property and Services, to discuss funding that still has not been exhausted following the flood.”

“It is a disgrace that Lismore City Councilor’s want to blame cost shifting for the lack of management towards road maintenance. Councilor’s set the budget and therefore have the responsibility of prioritising where money is spent.” Mr George said.

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