Member for Lismore Thomas George joined the agencies and community groups working on the infestation of yellow crazy ants in Lismore today to acknowledge the good work of Milo Yeigh, who first reported the outbreak to the NSW DPI, and the local community.

Mr George joined with NSW DPI (DPI), Local Land Services (LLS), Lismore City Council, Rous County Council, National Parks and Landcare representatives in Lismore on Friday to thank Milo and all residents who had contributed to the effort.

Mr George said Milo’s early report was a crucial part of the ongoing response.

“It was a pleasure today to be able to recognise the young man who we can all thank for the prompt and thorough response to this outbreak,” Mr George said.

“Not only did Milo take notice of the ants around the Lismore CBD, he followed up on his suspicion by researching what species they may be, realised they were a potential environmental and agricultural threat and reported them to the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

“I’ve also heard from the NSW DPI and Local Land Services, as well as Lismore City and Rouse Country councils, how supportive and helpful the wider community has been in this response.

“Our local media has helped spread the word of the outbreak, and people all around Lismore and the surrounding area have made reports and helped the response agencies to note areas that are free of ants which has allowed them to prioritise operations.

A colony of yellow crazy ants was detected in the Lismore CBD last month.

The yellow crazy ant is considered one of the top 100 examples of the world’s worst invasive species, with the potential to seriously impact the local environment and agricultural industries.

Following the first reports, NSW DPI and Local Land Services (LLS) immediately began undertaking surveillance work and developing a control strategy throughout May and June 2018, and have subsequently discovered a number of outlying infestations.

“I congratulate NSW DPI and LLS for leading the surveillance and eradication efforts, and Lismore City Council and Rous County Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service and community groups including Landcare, the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service for the assistance they have provided,” Mr George said.

“The cooperation and collaboration that has been evident in this response is typical of our community and so I am not surprised by it, but I am highly impressed by it.

“I would like to thank each and every person in these organisations and throughout the community who has had a hand in this response.”

PHOTO: NSW DPI Manager Invasive Species Programs Scott Charlton, Milo Yeigh, Member for Lismore Thomas George<.i>

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