December 1999


An interesting matter bought to my attention recently involved a constituent wishing to gain voluntary work experience with local businesses for their child. Local businesses were approached and asked if they could offer work experience. This training aids the younger generation in gaining valuable practical understanding during their pursuit of gaining employment, as well as assisting businesses in yielding prospective future employees.

In my constituents case, the business owners were only too happy to offer this valuable "hands-on" experience, however due to the lack of insurance cover were unable to oblige.

Many of us are fully aware that experience is advantageous, both with businesses employing and with people seeking employment, however the "catch-22" prevails.

I believe everyone acknowledges the potential risks, particularly with unskilled workers and many understand that the benefits outweigh the risks. Therefore people have tried to obtain personal insurance, but most businesses and private individuals have been lead to believe that there are no such policies.

Upon making enquiries through WorkCover and other agencies, I have information to hand that such cover is available. Due to the complex nature and varied classifications of differing occupations, the policies are dependent upon the type of activity involved. Thereby, being adaptable to the various work experience programs according to the needs of businesses and participants.

There are different policies available; for example cover exists according to number of days (such as 15 or 30 days) worked within a 12 month period. In this instance a diary of days work must be kept. In addition, block periods of 3 or 6 months are available, but have to be used consecutively.

I understand that work experience undertaken as part of educational programs is suitably and appropriately covered.

I trust this information is beneficial to those interested in participating in this type of exercise. Please do not hesitate to contact my office for further details.

As 1999 draws to a close, Rhonda and I, together with my staff, Karen and Bronwyn, would like to wish you a happy and holy Christmas and trust that we will all be blessed with health and happiness in the new millennium. Please remember to drive safely over the festive season.

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