March 2000

Better Business March 00

March 2000

I was pleased that 14 Members of Parliament recently visited the Lismore electorate, for various reasons, all in one day. Not only does this type of presence reinforce the significant role our region holds, but also highlights this area as an economically viable option for investment. By visiting country electorates MP's, from all sides of Parliament, see the needs of the electorate and experience the positives first hand.

The Hon Mike Gallacher, Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Fair Trading bought with him the new NSW Coalition's industrial relations policy development paper, Future Directions in Industrial Relations: An Issues Paper.

This paper is a very important part of the Coalition's long-term process of developing policy through wide consultation with the community. Comments are being sought from local businesses on the issues raised in the paper to enable the Coalition to attack this prevalent problem to facilitate businesses to be viable. As I have said on a number of occasions that Governments need to address Workers Compensation issue. Your comments on this paper will positively assist us in developing an appropriate policy.


The NSW Government has the dubious honour of being the highest taxing state in Australia. The Commonwealth Grants Commission found that every man, woman and child in NSW paid almost $2112 to the Carr Government alone.

The average family of two adults and two children paid $8447 a year, $162 week or $23 a day. In comparison, last year Victorians each paid $1747 - $365 per person less than NSW and Queenslanders $1727 - $385 less than NSW.

These high tax rates are harming our competitiveness of NSW, particularly in this area being so close to the Queensland boarder. A recent business survey shows that regional business optimism in NSW at its lowest levels since November 1998 and that employer confidence in regards to employment growth for the coming quarter in NSW has slipped below the national average.

The Carr Government is preoccupied with the Olympic Games and whilst Sydney may be experiencing economic boom, the regions are hurting.

It is time the Government began to recognise country taxpayers for the deprivations we have suffered as a result of the multi-billion dollar Olympic building program.

In its past budgets the Government has ignored the need to provide the necessary stimulus to ensure rural and regional NSW does not slip into further decline.

We, as the Coalition are challenging the Carr Government to revise its taxing and spending priority by providing in the upcoming State Budget innovative solutions to the pressing issues facing the region.

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