Better Business March 02


May has been identified as New South Wales Small Business month.

The people who run small businesses put in long hours. They put their savings on the line to create the wealth and jobs that the rest of the community benefits from. Therefore I will have much pleasure in participating in the NSW Chamber of Commerce's first annual "Pollies for Small Business" day.

This day will provide me with the chance to spend a few hours working in some local small businesses, experiencing first hand some of the everyday pressures. This occasion will be a turn back of time for me, as a partner and interests in a family business, I believe I am familiar with these challenges, even so I am looking forward to being included in this annual day.

The focus of Small Business Month is to highlight the contribution of small business to employment creation, community development and the State's economy; to increase awareness of business services for small business; and to focus on the information and skills needed to operate a small business.

Small business month provides the opportunity for organisations - government, private sector and community based - to promote the services they offer that supports the development of a strong and competitive small business sector.

More than 100 organisations including business enterprise centres, industry and professional bodies and government agencies - have all been invited to be partners in small business month. The month will incorporate events relating to important themes and issues in the small business sector, including e-commerce and information technology, youth, business growth, exporting and women in business.

Each year, the media undertake features that provide information about a Small Business Month calendar and I am waiting on further confirmation of additional details that will be available closer to this time from my office on 6621 3624 in April.

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