Unfair Dismissal Laws


I have serious concerns and would like to bring to your attention an issue that could adversely impact on your business - The Carr Government's proposed changes to unfair dismissal laws.

At the time of writing this article, the Carr Government is considering the introduction of a number of changes to current laws on unfair dismissals that if passed, could cost any business time and money.

The Carr Government wants to change the law to place the emphasis on reinstatement. Under their proposed changes you may be faced with reinstating an employee five or more months after they were initially dismissed.

Equally, employees will be left in limbo during this time, unsure if they still have a job.

A major concern I have is that if businesses are forced to reinstate a worker they will also have to provide for their back pay, superannuation and leave entitlements.

What this will do is simply compel you into the situation of being better off to pay an employee to tender their resignation, rather than spending days away from your business and thousands of dollars defending a claim before the Industrial Relations Commission.

On behalf of the employers and employees in the Lismore electorate, I will be opposing these changes. I strongly support the right of business operators to choose their own employees.

I have always been concerned that there are three main issues that affect businesses, which are Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax and Unfair Dismissal laws.

A Brogden/Souris Government, once elected, will improve unfair dismissal laws by providing the option for cases to be heard in your local area, tightening up on false claims, clarifying probationary periods and giving you the power to dismiss employees for serious criminal or dangerous conduct.

As the progress of this issue may well have been debated and if you would like more details on these changes, please contact my office on 6621 3624 to obtain information on the current status.

As 2002 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe happy and holy Christmas.
I trust that 2003 will bring happiness and good health.

Thomas & Rhonda George
Karen, Bronwyn & Julie

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