April/May 2003

Better Business April/May 03

April/May 2003

I would like to thank residents of the Lismore Electorate for their confidence in re-electing me as their State Member for the ensuing Parliamentary term.

I was overwhelmed and humbled by the increased majority both on primary votes and on the two-Party preferred results.

I congratulate the State Labor Party on its historic third term victory which will see a 12 year period of office for Labor in NSW.

Being a Member of Parliament has been a wonderful challenge and an immense learning experience. My association and support from local businesses, organisations, Councils and the community has been wonderful.

Rhonda and I enjoy the opportunities to become acquainted with so many various organisations and people from all walks of life.

Please be assured I will continue this term to fight for businesses on such issues as workers compensation, payroll taxes, public liability insurance and home warranty insurance.

I again express my thanks to the Electorate and pledge that I will represent all constituents equally whether they voted for me or not and whether I agree with their point of view or not.

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
Facsimile: 02 6622 1403  Email: lismore@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Authorised by Thomas George MP. Funded using Parliamentary entitlements.