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Better Business Dec 04 - Jan 05

During this session of Parliament I supported builders in the Lismore electorate who were represented at a rally regarding the Home Warranty Insurance mess following the demise of the Building Services Corporation (BSC).

As small business operators, builders are vital to the economic soundness of this State's economy. Most of the 40,000 odd building licences held in NSW are held by small business builders and provide work for about 110,000 registered tradesmen and women in NSW, as well as providing employment for almost 3,000 apprentices across the state. Most of these are young kids - straight out of school and needing a start in life.

Currently as many as 60% of builders can't obtain Home Warranty Insurance in NSW.

The experience in NSW and the current experience in Queensland is that an industry-funded, Government-run scheme is the best option for providing effective insurance cover for builders and consumers. John Brogden has declared that a NSW Coalition Government would relieve the strain on builders, by re-instating the Building Services Corporation.

I also raised the issue in Parliament concerning the proposed decision by the NSW Government to cut jobs from Lismore and transfer Businesslink positions to Liverpool.

Labor's centralisation of jobs will come at a huge cost to the local community. Lismore will suffer from a loss of wages, while taxpayers across the State will foot the bill for big increases in Businesslink's Sydney rent.

The Lismore Payroll Service Centre employed 19 people and managed the payroll for the Disabilities section of the Department of Ageing, Disabilities and Home Care for the whole of regional NSW.

I have challenged the Premier to reverse the Government's decision to close the Lismore payroll office.


As 2004 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe, happy and holy Christmas. I trust that 2005 will bring happiness and good health.

Thomas George, Karen, Bronwyn, Julie & Christine

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