Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Fatalities) Bill 2004

Better Business February/March 05

Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Fatalities) Bill 2004

The Carr Government has recently released the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Amendment (Workplace Fatalities) Bill 2004, which is a Draft Consultation Bill and the Government has given no indication as to when it might bring the Bill before the Parliament for debate.

The Opposition has a number of major concerns with this legislation and is determined to work with employers and employees to achieve maximum workplace safety. We believe this is best achieved through a strong program of workplace education involving employers and employees.

A summit was convened by the Opposition on 21 December 2004, with concerned businesses and industry groups to determine how best to oppose the objectives of this Bill when the legislation comes before the Parliament. Trade union representatives were also at the summit.

Businesses can be assured that the NSW Coalition will oppose this Bill and will vote against it. The NSW Coalition will support all reasonable measures to ensure workplace safety and to minimise industrial accidents. This legislation is a surrender to the left wing of the trade union movement and does not assist in achieving workplace safety.

Women in Business

The Office for Women publishes on its website and regularly updates the Statistical Profile of Women in NSW. From this information the office has recently produced a series of statistical Taking Action Fact Sheets.

The following interesting points have been taken from the fact sheets;
In NSW Women make up 31% of all small business operators
Half of small businesses are run by both men and women - 44% are husband and wife teams.
In 1996 women played a major leadership role in 26% of small businesses.
67% of all small businesses in Australia an NSW are home-based small business.

These pamphlets cover a wide range of topics relating to women and are available from the website, www.women.nsw.gov.au or by request from my office.

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