Coalition Listens to Payroll Concerns

Better Business October/November 05

Coalition Listens to Payroll Concerns

Following a number approaches from local business regarding payroll and NSW taxes, I was pleased that the NSW Liberal/Nationals Coalition announced its "Economic and Government Reform Program" last month, to make NSW Number One Again and address the inequitable state payroll situation.

The reform program aims to tackle Labor's high taxing regime by cutting payroll tax, while eradicating Labor Government waste and duplication, which together will improve our interstate and international competitiveness.

This has been an important and crucial element of mine, since being elected in 1999, I have continued to campaign for the improvement of interstate competitiveness of businesses on the Far North Coast in examining payroll tax burden on businesses. Especially when our region's businesses are competing against Queensland businesses who are not subjected to the vast business taxes. Small business has suffered hugely from anti-business legislation and regulation such as the vendor tax, payroll tax, workers compensation rates and occupational health and safety regulations.

Call for Refund of Vendor Tax

A call by the The Nationals Leader, Andrew Stoner, on the State Labor Government to refund vendor duty paid by property owners between May 24th and August 2nd 2005, echoes views and approaches made to my office by constituents on this issue. It was suggested by Bob Carr's former Communications Director, that this regressive tax should have been abolished in this year's May State Budget - but the announcement was deferred to enable the replacement Labor Leader to give some positive news. This deliberate delay of the removal of the vendor tax for political reasons is nothing short of corrupt. The Nationals have demanded that all those property buyers who were forced to pay this tax since the May Budget should immediately have payments refunded.

Pollies for Small Business

As part of the Pollies for Small Business program, I had the opportunity to visit three local businesses; Hurfords (Lismore), Brown & Hurley (Kyogle) and Barker Street Newsagency (Casino). I benefited from the chance to work alongside some of my Small Business owners to re-familiarise myself with today's pressures faced by small business operators in the region. Furthermore, I enjoyed the opportunity of showing my support for this vital sector of our local economy. Politicians often deal with the `big picture' when it comes to regulations and legislation so working in a small business for the day can help them gain some valuable insights. This exercise was an opportunity to get an `up close and personal' view of the positives and negatives involved in running a small business. Even though I have run my own business, the reality is that the pressures on small operators are constantly changing, especially in State border areas where small businesses in NSW are at a disadvantage to their Queensland counterparts with fuel prices, payroll tax and workers compensation.

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