Bill Rixon's Appreciation Dinner

Echo 29 July 99

With the conclusion of the autumn session of Parliament, I have been active attending various functions including; the Adam Gilchrist fundraiser luncheon, the NSW Farmers Conference, the opening of Lismore's Legal Information Access Centre. Also accompanying Mr John Watkins - Minister for Sport and Recreation and Fair Trading during his recent visit to the Lismore Electorate inspecting the offices of Sport and Recreation, Fair Trading and our local cooperative NORCO.

Bill Rixon's Appreciation Dinner

What an Appreciation Dinner it was! 250 people from all walks of life including community representatives, politicians, friends and family gathered to show their thanks for the dedication and hard work undertaken by Bill during his 11 years as the Member for Lismore. The attendance and speeches were a tribute to Bill, his wife Merrilyn and their children.

Review of Firearms Act

Recently the Carr Government, with no consultation with shooters or dealers, published a notice regarding a Review of the Firearms Act. The National Party has been approached by shooters and firearm dealers for assistance in ensuring a fair review. Clearly, the Government is trying to keep the review out of the public eye. A report must be presented to both houses of Parliament by the end of June 2000.

In order to initiate awareness, a petition is being circulated which aims to show the NSW Parliament, both Upper and Lower House, that there is great community support for a full and open review and to force Premier Carr to change his mind and allow a Joint Select Parliamentary Committee to conduct the Review. Please contact my office for further details.

Southern Cross Conference Basketball Grand Finals

I am always pleased to support local sporting events and this was an exciting finale to the Southern Cross Conference Basketball competition. The opportunity to participate in the presentation ceremony and welcome the visitors to our area was rewarding and again reinforces the standing Lismore has in the sporting world in Northern NSW and South East Queensland.

Regional Sports Facility Program 1999/2000

This program provides funds for the development of regional sporting and recreational facilities for local communities throughout the State. Form are available from my office and the closing date is 28 September 1999.

Septic Tank Petitions

Following community protest, I have instigated a petition to be presented to the NSW Parliament, to convey the objections of the people against the Local Government (Approvals) Amendment (Sewerage Management) Regulation 1998 which came into effect on 1 July 1999.

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