Carers Week

Echo 18 October 01

Carers Week

National Carers Week will be held from 21 - 29 October. The week is intended to celebrate and acknowledge the work of those people who care for relatives or friends with disabilities, chronic or mental illness or who are frail aged. Throughout the week a range of activities are organised for carers. Anyone wishing to find out more information on these events should contact the FNC Carer Respite Centre on 1800 059059. Carers need care too!

Hazelton Airlines

It has been wonderful to again see Hazelton flying in the skies above the Lismore electorate. To ensure the future of this great company, who in the past has so graciously given to the community, I trust the residents of the area will again lend its support to re-establish Hazelton to be the company that it was.

Show Circuit

It's that time of year again when all the local towns celebrate its origins. I have already had the pleasure being present at the Kyogle and Casino Shows and look forward to attending the remaining exhibitions, including Lismore this week. My congratulations and best wishes go to all the organising committees in the district for continuing to provide this great tradition and opportunity for local producers and residents to exhibit their wares. I encourage everyone to visit their local Show to ensure the continuation of these events, which are the essence of country life.


I have recently been made aware of Telecross and I would like to congratulate the Australian Red Cross on this wonderful service. It is a free service, which assists those who are elderly or medically dependent in their homes. Each morning a Red Cross volunteers makes a short, friendly call to a Telecross client to ensure they are safe and well. If the call is not answered, a second call is made. If there is still no response, Red Cross initiates an emergency procedure and arranges assistance as required. If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, as either a client or volunteer, further information can be obtained from Bernadette Daley, Telecross Co-ordinator at Northern Rivers Telecross on 66220788.

Congratulatory Messages

As most people would be aware when you turn 100 you receive a letter from Queen. But did you also know that it is also available for couples celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary? For those celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or 90th birthday messages can be arranged from the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Premier & Governor. If you or family members are commemorating any of these important milestones, please contact my office for further details.

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