Justice of the Peace proposals

Echo 4 October 01

Justice of the Peace proposals

An exposure draft of a Justice of the Peace Bill 2001 has been provided to Parliament and is available for public comment. Main aspects involve;

JP's applying for reappointment every five years;

the establishment of a central register of JP's and an Internet directory to make post more accessible and accountable;

no longer will JP's be appointed for indefinite terms and reapplication is necessary to ensure eligibility;

Empower Governor to remove JP's if they become bankrupt or are found guilty of a crime with a penalty of more than 12 months jail;

existing JP's will have 3 years to reapply.

Disability Information Bulletin

The Physical Disability Council of NSW (PDCN) producers a bulletin on topical issues, resource and information sources. The aim is to provide readers with accurate, up to date and timely information, comment and analysis of disability sector issues form the perspective of people with physical disability in NSW, including children with disability and their representatives. Bulletins are distributed by email free of charge. For further details, please contact my office.

Construction Levy

The State Government is proposing to introduce a new levy on the construction industry for the training of industry workers. This will make it harder for families to buy their first home. A new levy on construction companies will be passed on to the end purchaser and force home prices up. I always support any training initiatives however; I am not convinced that the need to address the supposed training deficiencies is worth the economic cost of imposing a levy.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Applications for the year 2003 Churchill Fellowships are now being called by people 18 years and over. The fellowship includes airfares, fees and a living allowance.

SSTS Bus Contract Review

My office has been supplied with a copy of the report following an independent review of the School Student Transport Scheme undertaken by Price, Waterhouse and Coopers. The report outlines the objectives of the review, its purpose and an analysis of the results. Copies are available upon request.

North Coast National Show Day

In accordance with the Banks and Banks Holidays Act 1912, Thursday 18 October has been gazetted as a public holiday within the Lismore City Council area.

Companion Animals Grants

The Department of Local Government has decided to establish a grant funding program to assist in the development of community education resource materials. All NSW local councils and not-for-profit organisations that develop project proposals in partnership with councils may apply for funding.

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