Australia Day celebrations

Echo 24 January 02

Australia Day celebrations

I will be attending the Lismore, Casino and Mallanganee Australia Day festivities and I look forward to celebrating this momentous day with the community as the biggest single event held each year. I believe Australia Day provides an opportunity to highlight and recognise achievements of individuals and organisations. It is also an occasion to reflect and appreciate our wonderful country; Australia.

Award to Chemical Residue Laboratories

I was pleased to be advised of the achievement of second place in the Eric Powell Memorial Shield 2000/01, by the Lismore Laboratory. Contributions and efforts by the Lismore staff towards this achievement is acknowledged. Part of the placing included a cheque - congratulations to the staff of the Chemical Residue Laboratory.


Pensioner Energy Rebates: A new pensioner energy rebate of $112 per year to cover electricity and gas bills has been introduced. The rebate applies from 1 January 2002, is an increase for a large majority of eligible pensioners. This new energy rebate replaces the separate electricity and gas rebates pensioners received before. Pensioners will receive the full rebate even if they don't have the gas connected. The rebate will be paid in instalments on each electricity bill, calculated on a daily basis and will vary depending on the number of days of each bill. Rebates provided by gas companies will not apply after 1 January 2002 and will no longer appear on gas bills. Pensioners who already receive a rebate will automatically receive the new concession and do not need to reapply. The criteria for pensioner rebates have been changed to take effect from 1 January 2002. Now pensioners can receive the rebate regardless of the income of other people who live with them.
Life Support Rebates: This scheme is for users of life support equipment. If you require certain medical equipment in your home that is necessary to sustain your life, such as a kidney dialysis machine or respirator/ventilator, you may be entitled to a rebate on your electricity bill. The scheme has been extended to long-term residents of caravan parks and the previous 50% of the total bill payment limit was removed from 1 January 2002.
If you would like more information on the above rebates, contact Country Energy on 132 356 or my office to request an information sheet.

Local Students

Many students who completed the HSC last year would be now preparing for further studies, job opportunities and embarking on new adventures. I would like to wish you all well in your future endeavours and trust that you all follow your chosen journey into careers and adult life with zest and determination. For those pursuing employment, the following websites may be useful and selecting `NSW Government jobs'.

Country Public Transport Infrastructure Grants Scheme

This scheme provides funding for public transport infrastructure in rural, regional and remote communities of NSW. Some benefits sought from projects include; easier passenger transfers between transport modes in regional areas, improved information for rural passengers, a more comfortable and safer environment for rural passengers, a higher profile for public transport in rural areas and making rural public transport more accessible for people with disabilities.

Facsimile machine

The electorate office has a Canon L900FX facsimile machine, in good working order to donate to a registered charitable organisation or to a locally based organisation. In order to give equal opportunity to all, I am calling for expressions of interest to put organisations' names into a lucky draw. Please telephone my office to notify your details before 5pm Tuesday 12 February, as the draw will be undertaken on Wednesday 13 February 2002 and I will notify the successful organisation on this day.

I will be conducting a West of the Range tour on Thursday 31 January 2002. Appointments and times can be obtained by contacting my office on 6621 3624.

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