Miscellaneous Grants

Echo 20 February 2003

Miscellaneous Grants

Repentance Creek Hall, Nimbin Showground Society and Clunes Technology Centre are all recipients of funding under the Rural and Regional Miscellaneous Grants Program. These allocations are greatly welcomed and will benefit the whole community.

Community Legal Education

From 3-7 March Legal Aid will conducting community legal education in the area. During this time it will be providing free confidential legal advice. Appointments are essential and can be made by calling 1800 451784. Interviews will be held on Monday 3 March in Casino from 11am-3pm and on Tuesday 4 March in Lismore from 2-4pm.

Policies Released

Drought Policy - In government the NSW Coalition will inject an immediate $50 million in the 2003/03 financial year to combat the worsening drought conditions across NSW. This allocation will be on top of existing drought assistance measures and include: cash grants for drought stricken farmers in Exceptional Circumstances (EC) or in areas where EC applications have been lodge;
assistance for intensive industries;
retention of skilled workers;
assistance for OJD affected producers in EC declared regions; and
other measures for rural dependent small businesses.

The Coalition will also immediately commit NSW to the Federal Government's EC system reforms that include cash grants of up to $60,000.

Native Vegetation Policy - A Liberal/National Coalition Government will overhaul the Native Vegetation Conservation Act and deliver legislation that better balances economic and social outcomes with environmental benefits. It would also de-gazette existing Regional Vegetation Management Plans, in consultation with Regional Vegetation Management Committees, if it was in the public interest to do so. All Regional Vegetation Management Plans submitted to a Coalition Government will be assessed for social and economic impacts before approval, while plans already gazetted will be subject to change if the social and economic impacts outweigh the projected environmental benefits.

Penalty Notices - Crimes of violence and dishonesty across NSW will be punished with glorified traffic tickets under the NSW Labor Government's new Penalty Notice Scheme. Under the new ticketing system assaulting someone, which under Section 61 of the Crimes Act is currently punishable by two years jail, will be punishable by $400 Penalty Notice `C'. Labor will punish larcenies, which under Section 117 of the Crimes Act are currently punishable by five years jail, with a Penalty Notice of $300. The Nationals believe every crime matters. Crimes of violence and dishonesty must not be decriminalised in this way. That's why we will scrap this system.

Gangs Policy - Under the National/Liberal policy, gangs will be broken up by: Recording on a Gangs Watch List, the names of juveniles who have received a warning/caution and or conviction related to anti-social and threatening behaviour;
Notifying the parents or guardians that their child has received a warning and/ or caution and that their child's name has be added to the Gangs Watch List;
Issuing Non-Association and Place-Restriction orders against juveniles on the Gangs Watch List;
Prohibiting juveniles under such orders from associating with other known individuals or visiting nominated locations without being accompanied by a responsible adult;
Requiring juveniles who breach a Directive to attend Youth Conferencing;
Abolishing the Carr Government's multiple warnings for juvenile offenders and allowing only one warning and one caution to be issued by Police; and
Creating and trialling two `second chance' camps across NSW to help those involved in anti-social behaviour improve their life skills.

Voting - March 22 Election

With the NSW State election fast approaching I urge all residents to ensure they are enrolled correctly to make sure they have their say. The electoral roll will close at 6.00pm on the day the writs are issued, which is expected to be March 3. This is also the day when postal vote applications begin to be processed. Application forms are available and anyone wanting further information on pre-polling, absentee voting, enrolment and polling places can contact my office for details.

Thank You

As my first term draws to a close it has been a privilege to represent you in the Parliament of NSW. On March 22 I trust that you will provide me with the opportunity to continue to represent and reinforce your needs whilst at the same time promote the positives of the Electorate of Lismore.

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
Facsimile: 02 6622 1403  Email: lismore@parliament.nsw.gov.au

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