Extension of Seniors Card

Echo 23 January 2003

Extension of Seniors Card

The highly successful Seniors Card will be extended under an elected NSW Coalition Government. Those over the age of 55, working less than 20 hours per week, and whose partners are Seniors Card holders, to access the Card. This is a terrific initiative that sees an additional 365 in the electorate able to access the card. It offers some real savings to couples, many of whom do everything together, but pay different amounts just because of their age. The Seniors Card benefits include over 6,000 different discounts including transport, movies, accommodation, meals, books and insurance. This is in addition to the extension of core pensioner concessions to self-funded retirees who are holders of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, which has already been pledged by the Coalition. The extension of the Seniors Card will commence on 1 July 2003 and cost $10.3 million in its first year of operation.

Water Policy

A Liberal/National Coalition Government will usher in a new era of water management which is more inclusive, equitable and scientifically rigorous. Key elements of the policy include: Delivering a comprehensive water property right;
Respecting the recommendations of local stakeholders;
Basing future reform on sound science;
Transparently assessing the environmental, economic and social impacts of Government policies before they are implemented; and
Delivering appropriate structural adjustment assistance where future water reductions occur.

We will also: Work with local stakeholders to develop regional solutions to water management, based on a whole of catchment assessment;
Develop structural adjustment packages to manage the negative effects of proposed water reforms, based on the socio-economic impact assessments;
Explore system savings and market-based schemes as an alternative to future water cuts;
Increase the effective representation of water users on Water Management Committees by limiting voting rights to community representatives and ensuring that community representatives live in the area to which plans apply;
Refocus the Department of Land and Water Conservation to one of advice and assistance rather than the policing role forced upon it by Labor.

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