Draft Native Vegetation Regulation

Echo 25 November 2004

Draft Native Vegetation Regulation

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR) is calling for comments on the way native vegetation will be managed in NSW. The draft regulation and supporting documents are currently on exhibition and will guide the implementations of the Native Vegetation Act 2003. Three key documents are on exhibition; Draft Native Vegetation Regulation 2004
Draft Environmental Outcomes Assessment Methodology
Regulatory Impact Statement

A support package is available and written submissions close 5 pm on Tuesday 21 December and can be lodged at nativeveg@dipnr.nsw.gov.au, fax 02 9762 8701, or post to Native Vegetation Reform Submissions, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, GPO Box 39 Sydney NSW 2001. The above information can be downloaded from www.dipnr.nsw.gov.au.

Muli Muli Water Supply

In Parliament recently, I questioned the Minister for Energy & Utilities as to why the water supply projects at Urbenville, Woodenbong and Muli Muli had been pushed down the priority list and the subsidy cut when the water supply is worse than most third world countries. I am pleased to now advise that since raising this matter, Minister Sartor has informed me he has moved the projects ranking up from six to three.

New Portable Humidicrib for Base

Following concerns expressed to me regarding the separation of a mother and her baby, The Nationals raised a question in Parliament last week, highlighting the need to audit hospital equipment and prevent this situation occurring again. Thankfully, the Minister expressed his apology and a new humidicrib arrived at the Lismore Base Hospital on Wednesday last week. The use of outdated and defective equipment would not be tolerated in a Sydney hospital, so why should we!

Local Students

Many students who completed the HSC this year would be now preparing for further studies, job opportunities and embarking on new adventures. I would like to wish you all well in your future endeavours and trust that you all follow your chosen journey into careers and adult life with zest and determination. For those pursuing employment, the following websites may be useful www.jobs.nsw.gov.au and www.daa.dwps.nsw.gov.au selecting `NSW Government jobs'.

Home Bill Hits Home

ALP Members of the Legislative Council have been called on, by Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Chris Hartcher, to pay more attention to the Home Building Amendment Bill 2004 after last week's passing of the Bill through the Legislative Assembly. The Bill had the spoken support of only a handful of Government members. It was a glaring display of how arrogant the Carr Government has become - they introduced this legislation and did so without any proper industry consultation, it was without the support of the two largest industry groups; the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. The Government's Bill will create a governing council for the industry with two union representatives. This is despite the fact the Home Building Industry is totally non-unionised. This Bill is unfair, inequitable and unworkable. The Government should never have introduced it and Government members know it. Only a few Government MPs had the guts to support this Bill because in doing so, each of them is signing the death sentence of small businesses in their own electorates. The Carr Government used its numbers to force this Bill through the house without proper investigation of the affect this legislation will have on the building industry.

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