Workplace Fatalities Forum

Echo 10 March 2005

Workplace Fatalities Forum

Due to the serious nature of proposed legislation in relation to Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Fatalities) Bill, as previously mentioned in my column, I will be hosting a Workplace Fatalities Forum at the Lismore Workers Club Tuesday 12 April, from 5.30-7.30pm. I encourage as many businesses as possible to attend this forum in order to become better aware and informed of the implications of this Bill.

Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year

I was pleased to host a morning tea in appreciation for all nominees, nominators and friends to recognise and congratulate those who have contributed immensely for the betterment of our community as a whole.

Mrs Jenny Ryan
Ms Jessie Creighton
Mrs Eileen Melling
Ms Valerie Tamblyn-Mills
Mrs Eileen Brosnan
Ms Catie Britton
Mrs Gloria McQueen
Mrs Peg Constable
Mrs Robyn Youngberry
Ms Annie McWilliam
Mrs Rebecca Battista


Jiggi Georgica Australian Red Cross *
Lismore Probus Club
Casino Chamber of Commerce
Quota International
Deaf Society of NSW
Kyogle Lions Club
Kyogle Sunshine Club
Far North Coast Baseball
Community Connections

* Winner of Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year was, Ms Jenny Ryan, a Red Cross Volunteer, Co-ordinator, Cosmetic Care Co-ordinator, Zone representative, State Junior Red Cross Co-ordinator as well as a Branch Member. I joined Jenny in attending the Premier's Reception on International Women's Day held on Tuesday where she was joined with other electorate winners from across NSW. As this is an annual event, nominations forms for next year are available from the Lismore Electorate Office on telephone 6621 3624 or call into 55 Carrington Street (opposite Lismore Post Office)

Closure of Wollongbar Ag Institute

The NSW Labor Government's announcement that it will close part of the Wollongbar Agriculture Institute is a kick in the guts to the North Coast dairy industry. Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald only informed the Institute and industry at the last minute last week and needless to say they are devastated. The Minister made the announcement after Parliament closed for two weeks so he could avoid scrutiny. Norco says the decision is a slap in the face for all the hard work they have done and they are not given a fair go. I have held discussions with local industry groups, including Norco, who have indicated to myself and the Minister that they were prepared to inject a substantial amount of money into the Institute. But the Minister has gone ahead and made a hasty decision. Norco put four good projects forward and yet all were rejected by the Minister which leads me to believe the NSW Labor Government only ever had its eyes set on the potential revenue from selling the site.

Ambulance Service Medal Proposal

Last week in Parliament, I also took the opportunity to seek support of the Minister for Health to recognise Ambulance Officers in NSW who give great service to this state. The Service is only one of the three major emergency service agencies that does not offer its officers a medal for 10 years of diligent and ethical service. I believe encouragement is needed and I have urged the Minister to look at the possibility of a medal in appreciation of 10 years of service by ambulance officers.

Tsunami Relief

Recently in Parliament we were given the opportunity to speak on a motion expressing our sympathy to those who lost family and friends in this disaster, together with gratitude to those who so generously gave time, effort and money to relieve the suffering of those affected. I was honoured to be able to place on record the enormous contribution by the people of the Lismore electorate.

Labor on Backfoot with NLIS

Long standing pressure by The NSW Nationals and the agricultural industry has paid dividends with the NSW Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald finally delivering on his promise to make three million NLIS devices available to cattle producers at a reduced rate of $2.60. Whilst many local rural producers have welcomed this long-awaited announcement, my office and those of my colleagues have been inundated with phone calls from angry cattle producers who bought their NLIS ear tags for approximately $4 when the system was first introduced on 1 July 2004. Cattle producers who did the right thing and got organised when NLIS was first implemented have been penalised by Minister Macdonald's inaction and inefficiency in getting the subsidy for ear tags off the ground. Producers and rural stores should have been able to access the subsidised ear-tags from 1 July 2004. I have called on Minister Macdonald to immediately provide a reimbursement of up to $1.40 to all cattle producers and rural stores who have already purchased NLIS tags.

Road Enclosure Petitions

The Nationals have launched a state-wide petition protesting the Carr Labor Government's increases in Crown Land Leases, particularly Enclosed Road Permits. The petition forwarded last week to those who have contacted my office on this issue, calls on the Carr Labor Government to withdraw its proposed rent increases for Crown Land Leases and implement a new and fair system that is acceptable to all parties. Copies of the petition are available for signing at my office.

Seniors Week 2005

The 47th annual Seniors Week will be celebrated from 13 to 20 March, the aim is to promote positive attitudes towards ageing and to celebrate older people and their continuing contribution to family, friends, workplaces and communities. I have been supplied with a program and anyone wishing to find out more details on events should contact my office.

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