$26,000 Grant for NORPA Dance Program

Northern Rivers Echo 15 December 2005

$26,000 Grant for NORPA Dance Program

I am pleased to announce this substantial funding for the Northern Rivers Performing Arts Inc. Dance Program Step Up 2006, under the NSW Ministry for the Arts 2006 Dance Program. The Northern Rivers has a wealth of performing arts talent and it is pleasing to see the development of dance in the local area will be supported by this grant. The 2006 Dance Program encourages the appreciation and development of dance in New South Wales by supporting a wide range of dance and movement practice. Funding is available to assist with operational costs, to support specific programs or to assist with strategic initiatives.

$46,965 for Visual Arts and Craft Program

I have been advised by the Minister for the Arts, The Hon Bob Debus that grants totalling $46,965 under the 2006 Visual Arts and Craft Program have been awarded to Lismore City Council towards the establishment of a curator's position and the project "Sense of Place - A Northern Rivers Landscape" at Lismore Regional Art Gallery.

Eye in the Sky

The recently announced native vegetation legislation regulations provided one big surprise in the way the regulations would be policed. Farmers will have to be aware of the eye in the sky; a satellite monitoring system of all farmland in NSW. In future farmers will have to lodge their property vegetation plans with GPS co-ordinates for the area approved for clearing or for offsets, which will then be used for satellite monitoring and will be available to any interested party. Any third party such as extreme green activists will be able to access photos. Some areas of real concern are: the PVP computer program will determine whether applications to clear land will be approved, with Catchment Management Authorities given very little discretion to override the computer program,
the definition of broadscale land clearing is wrong because it regards the clearing of just one tree or shrub as broadscale land clearing compared with the general understanding of broadscale land clearing,
for farmers in coastal regions there is a prescribed list of routine agricultural activities that do not require a PVP but if the farming activity or structure is not on the list then they will need to apply for a PVP,
the regulations do not reduce the amount of red tape needed to gain permission to clear land in NSW.


As summer fast approaches and the holidays begin, it is important to remember the important work Lifesavers do in our community. With a coastline of more than 35,000 kilometres and 11,000 beaches, lifesavers can't patrol all beaches but they do an outstanding job keeping an eye on swimmers and saving lives where they are located. There are about 80 million visitations to Australian beaches each year. Surf Life Saving exists to save lives, develop techniques in education, prevention and rescue and ultimately to meet the target of zero preventable deaths and injuries. So, remember to swim between the flags and obey directions from Life Savers when at the beach this summer.

Health and Safety a Top Priority

Currently being delivered to homes in the Lismore Electorate is a community initiative booklet I have produced which highlights some of the steps people can take to ensuring a trouble-free break over the festive season and through summer. It outlines important advice that I trust will assist and hopefully prevent tragedies such as home fires and road accidents. Christmas and the New Year is a fantastic time of year for family and friends but so often we learn of tragedies that could have possibly been avoided. I urge everyone to listen to the advice people give us at this busy time of year and not become complacent . slow down, don't drink and drive, show caution at the beach. Some common sense and knowing what to do in a situation could make all the difference. The health and safety of individuals and their families was important. The "Healthy Summer Living" booklet is filled with tips and advice on fire and water safety, first aid, road safety and helping children and adults to get fit, stay fit, and avoid the pitfalls along the way. The advice listed in the booklet comes from experts in their field. The messages are clear and simple . swim between the flags, stop, revive, survive . if we follow the good advice being put before us then we can look forward to the good times. The booklet also includes local issues such as the 50th anniversary of the State Emergency Service, the 2005 Thomas George's Charity Walk, that raised more than $31,000, an update on the Norply factory fire at Kyogle and a grant for local Girl Guides units.

Parliament Recalled

Today, Thursday, Parliament has been recalled to discuss issues relating to the ongoing unrest in Sydney. Leader of the Opposition, Peter Debnam has called on the Premier to take a strong stand, address under-resourced Police and restore order. Figures released by the NSW Police show the Labor Government continues to slash frontline police numbers, dropping a further 63 in October, meaning 674 have been cut in the past two years. We are virtually witnessing urban terrorism by criminal thugs who have not been bought to account for years, which needs to be stamped out immediately.

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