Primex 2005

Echo 16 June 2005

Primex 2005

Following last year's 20th Anniversary celebrations, this year promises to be yet another successful exhibition with sites all but sold out - the first time ever. This three day farming exhibition has grown and expanded over its two decades, bringing an estimated injection of $2M into the local economy. I trust locals and visitors alike enjoy this renowned event.

Dentistry Forgotten

In the recent budget, the Carr Government's failure to address the parlous state of dental health in NSW was putting the health of thousands of the State's most disadvantaged at risk declared Shadow Health Minister Barry O'Farrell following the Budget. The budget offers no hope to people currently on a public dental waiting list or health professionals doing their best in a massively under-resourced system. Oral health has become the forgotten area of public health under the Carr Government, attracting a miserly 1 per cent of the total health budget. The appalling thing is that Bob Carr doesn't even realise oral health is a State responsibility. In February he wrongly claimed, `Oral health has always been a federal responsibility.' The fact is oral health has never been a federal responsibility.

Petition to Support Breast Cancer Screening

I have been involved in the launching a petition calling on the Carr Government to give greater priority and focus to the BreastScreen program that was recently instigated by the NSW Liberal/Nationals Coalition. Tens of thousands of women across NSW were being turned away from the BreastScreen program because the Carr Government was putting economics over women's health. All the evidence points to women who are outside the target age group finding it increasingly difficult to access free scans for breast cancer. The BreastScreen program was established for all women aged between 40 and 79. But because of Carr Government funding constraints, the program is now only targeting the so-called `target group' of women aged between 50 and 69. The petition I am launching today will send a strong message to the Carr Government that the health of women should not be compromised under any circumstance. The petition calls on the Carr Government to ensure funding for the State's breast cancer screening program allows access to the program for women aged 40-79 years. I urge all residents concerned about women's health to sign the petition. Copies of the petition can be obtained by contacting my office on 66213624.

14 Local Athletes Receive Funding

I was pleased to announce assistance totalling $8,500 had been provided to nine local athletes under the 2005 Country Athletes Scheme. The North Coast area is promoting and developing talented sportspeople, who are receiving due recognition to their commitment and determination in their chosen sport. The following sportspeople received assistance;






Tyson Hussien
Joel Parrey
Tasman Wales
Brendan Shailes
Niki Clough
Rosalyn Lawrence
Emma Behan
Amy Behan
Abbey Moss

The contribution to these rural athletes assist towards expenses that they have incurred during representation at a State level. Congratulations to the above successful applicants.

Recognition for Country Coaches & Officials

$5,250 has been allocated to 10 individual sports people under the 2005 Country Coaches & Officials Scheme, I announced recently. Such recognition to country athletes in the Lismore electorate by the Minister for Sport & Recreation is testimony to the talent and scope of ability in rural areas. The following people have received funding as a contribution to expenses to access opportunities to participate in education courses that assist them in gaining or maintaining required accreditation:

Jodie Behan
Mahala Klotz
Sharon Williamson
Bronwyn Wilson
Pamela Behan
Stephen Clough
Charlie Laidlaw
Todd Usher
Dean Marshall
Matthew Barlow


NSW Gymnastic Assoc
NSW Gymnastic Assoc
NSW Gymnastic Assoc
NSW Gymnastic Assoc
NSW Gymnastic Assoc
NSW Softball Assoc
Judo Federation of Australia
NSW Karate Federation
NSW Karate Federation
NSW Rugby Union

The Scheme is vital in its role in assisting with the expenses that many rural people are faced with in updating coaching and official training.

NRMA Motoring & Services' Better Roads Panel

Last year, as part as of their Safe Roads initiative, NRMA held a series of forums in regional NSW to talk to local councils, industry, community leaders and local motorists about what road issues concerned them. There is a very strong link between quality roads and a healthy regional economy. Better roads both save lives and help build important regional industries such as tourist, freight and primary industry. By forming a Better Roads Panel in each of the nine key regions, NRMA plans to explore the link between roads and regional economics. This panel was launched recently by Deputy Director (former Member and Minister for Roads) Wendy Machin, which will aim to influence government policy on local roads. Members of the community are invited to have their say on local road issues by forwarding submission to NRMA C/- Lisa McGill, Level 23, 388 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 or by email to

REMINDER - Seniors Information Service

A special function for seniors is being held on Wednesday 29 June 2005a commencing at 1 pm in Lismore at the Presbyterian Hall in Keen Street. This information session is free and is to assist seniors access a wide range of interests such as gardening tips, security, taking care of finances, wills, power of attorney and guardianship to name a few.

Contact Details:

Office: 55 Carrington Street  LISMORE
Postal: PO Box 52  LISMORE  NSW  2480
Telephone: 1800 336 166 or 02 6621 3624
Facsimile: 02 6622 1403  Email:

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