Local Holidays

Echo 22 September 2005

Parliament resumed last week after an 11 week winter recess and will now sit on & off until December.

Local Holidays

Today is proclaimed as a Local Government half-day holiday for Lismore Race Day together with Thursday 20 October for Lismore Show Day. For further information contact the Office of Industrial Relations on 131628 or www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au.

WorkCover Tractor Power Take-Off Rebate Scheme

The Power Take-Off (PTO) safety program aims to reduce the likelihood of injury or death by unguarded PTO's on farms. The program provides 5,000 dollar-for-dollar rebate subsidies, up to the value of $200, to NSW farmers who purchase PTO guarding for their tractors and equipment. The rebate is available from 25 August for a maximum period of two years or until funds are expended. Application forms are available from my office or www.workcover.nsw.gov.au .

Pay-roll Tax Amendment (Supporting Jobs and Small Business) Bill 2005

The Nationals/Liberal Coalition gave notice last week of the Pay-roll Tax Amendment (Supporting Jobs and Small Business) Bill 2005, which will exempt around 4500 small businesses from payroll tax, and give 22,000 other businesses relief of up to $15,000 each on their payroll tax bills. NSW remains the highest taxed state under Labor, Premier Iemma has failed to rule out new or increased taxes, with jobs and investment leaving NSW for lower taxing states like Queensland and Victoria. Raising the pay-roll tax threshold to match Queenslands $850,000 will deliver boost to business in 2007/08 providing an incentive for our businesses to be competitive against Queensland counterparts.

Review of the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Act 2001

The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Act 2001 is being reviewed. The Act establishes the Tribunal and provides for its operation. An Issues Paper has been prepared to assist in the review and covers a wide range of topics including jurisdiction, rehearings, appeals, member performance and procedure. Comments on the Paper are welcome up to 4 October 2005 and may be sent to: Project Manager, CTTT Act Review, Policy Division, Office of Fair Trading, PO Box 972, Parramatta 2124 or fax 93388929 or email policy@oft.commerce.nsw.gov.au. Copies of the Issues Paper can be obtained from my office or www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.

NSW Remembers Certificates

On Monday 15 August 2005 Australians celebrated and commemorated the 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Pacific and the end of World War II. This anniversary was such an enormously important event in the life of our community that the State Government has made a commitment to issue a special commemorative certificate to every World War II veteran in NSW. An application form, with service particulars and contact details needs to be completed so please contact my office to arrange.

Fair Trading Laws Relating to Telemarketing

During 2003/04 both New South Wales and Victoria amended its Fair Trading Acts to introduce provisions regulating the use of telephone marketing to sell goods and services. Each set of amendments was made in response to the recommendations of a review committee report and although the policy framework underpinning the laws is based on similar principles, specific statutory requirements differ.
Unlike door-to-door selling, telemarketing had not been regulated by the States before and during the consultation period industry stakeholders drew attention to the cross-border nature of the industry and the difficulty they faced in complying with inconsistent legislation. A process for harmonising the laws was commenced. This involved: Granting exemptions on a consistent basis; and
Identifying inconsistent or contradictory requirements and preparing a consultation paper outlining options for promoting further harmonisation.

A joint NSW/Victoria working party drafted the consultation paper, Fair Trading Laws Relating to Telemarketing in New South Wales and Victoria - Options for Harmonisation. The closing date for submissions is Friday 14 October 2005. Submissions may be sent to: Project Manager, Telemarketing Law Harmonisation, Policy Division, Office of Fair Trading, PO Box 972, Parramatta 2124 or fax 93388929 or email policy@oft.commerce.nsw.gov.au. Copies of the Consultation Paper can be obtained from my office or www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

Electorate Functions -

Over 50's Learning Centre Arts & Crafts Expo - I was honoured to officially open the Centre's 2005 Arts & Crafts Expo at the Lismore Workers Club. The Centre provides a wide range of courses to community members and the arts & crafts are very well sought after. Congratulations to the many talented people whose works were exhibited.

Lismore Memorial Pool Opening - congratulations to Lismore City Council and the community of Lismore on the magnificent regional water facility.

SCU Graduations - Congratulations to all the Arts, Business and Health graduates, and especially the five outstanding nominees and the winner Julie Anne Perkins for the Alumnus of the Year for 2005.

Wyrallah Road Public School 50th Anniversary - I had a great afternoon and enjoyed the opportunity of being with the community of the Wyrallah School to celebrate their 50 years in public education. I was honoured to take part in the planting ceremony creating a corridor of trees. The community certainly took the opportunity during this celebration to reinforce the needs for a multi purpose unit for the school.

Our Kids Lismore Wine Tasting - as patron of this organisation, I was honoured to be part of the large gathering in support to raise funds for the Our Kids charity. Congratulations to Rebecca and her team.

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