Support for Young Farmers

Echo 28 July 2005

Support for Young Farmers

NSW Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, Craig Knowles, announced a new FirstFarmer program. This is to support a new generation of sustainable agriculture through a program to help young farmers establish their own properties via concessional finance. FirstFarmer will help successful applicants buy into their first place and help ensure good resource management of our rural land. Farmers manage 80% of the land mass in NSW and they are a vital part of natural resource management. Support for FirstFarmer will be linked to Natural Resource Management policy to ensure new young farmers are equipped with the best practice knowledge associated with sustainable farm practices. The Government is also seeking Commonwealth support for this innovative scheme, which will be carefully monitored over the next 12 months, to address the exodus of rural youth to the cities. More information on FirstFarmer will soon be available from the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and the NSW Farmers' Association.

Review of Plantations and Reafforestation Legislation

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR) is calling for public comment as part of the statutory review of the Plantations and Reafforestation Act 1999 and associated regulations. A discussion paper has been released providing an opportunity for interested parties to make comments and suggestions to improve the operation of the legislation. Copies of the discussion paper and submission forms are available from or by phoning 1300 305 695, submissions close 1 August.

Review of Licensing in the NSW Home Building Industry

The review will examine the current licensing regime (including entry requirements and categories of licences) to assess whether it is appropriate and relevant in the modern building industry. Terms of Reference are available from under `what's new'. Submissions close 26 August 2005.

Rosebank Recreation Trust

Applications are being sought for appointment as Trust Board members of the above Reserve Trust. Successful applicants will be responsible for the care, control and management of the reserve in a voluntary capacity and the term of appointment is for five years. Application forms are available from the Department of Lands by contacting 02 6640 2061, submissions close 29 August 2005.

2005 Fair Trading Awards

Fair Trading Awards are a chance for the members of the community and community organisations to be recognised. Under the award program, community organisations, business associations, industry associations, outstanding individuals and the media are invited to nominate for an Award and be acknowledged for the work they do in promoting a fairer marketplace.

There are four categories of Awards; The Minister's Award for consumer advocacy, which is open to any individual, who has actively helped to advance consumer protection in NSW.
Service Awards that recognise outstanding work in promoting consumer protection by a community organisation or business associations.
The Einfeld Awards, which are awarded to organisations, or associations, which demonstrate outstanding, work in protecting vulnerable consumers such as ethnic and indigenous communities, seniors or people with a disability.
Journalism Awards, which are open to any media outlet, which has raised awareness of consumer protection within the community.

Nominations close on 26 August 2005 and recipients will be announced during the Consumer Week in November.

Residential Tenancy Law Reforms

An options paper that will consider Residential Tenancy Law Reforms has been released to facilitate public discussion about New South Wales Residential Tenancy Laws and to assist individuals and organisations wishing to make a submission.

Unfortunately, the review is not examining the following matters: The procedures and practices of the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal irrespective of the fact that 45,000 tenancy related matters came before the Tribunal in the last financial year.
The rights of boarders and lodgers
Public housing policies and procedures
Tenant databases
Protected Tenancies covered by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1948
The rights of those living in caravan parks or manufactured homes which are covered by the Residential Parks Act

There are many options expressed in the paper, spread right across the Residential Tenancy Law area.

Some of the options include: Allowing long term leases exceeding ten years
Allowing parties who are now excluded from tenancy laws to have those tenancy laws applied to them
Expanding the list of grounds of which a tenancy may be terminated to include reasons such as major repairs, renovations or the need for the landlord or family member to live in the premises
Options to change the method in which interest is paid off rental bonds

Closing date for the submissions is 31 August 2005 and that those people wanting a copy of the options paper can locate the paper at the Fair Trading website at

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