Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year

Northern Rivers Echo 19 January 2006

Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year

I wish to advise that nominations are being sought in relation to the 2006 Lismore Electorate Woman of the Year. There are so many women whose contributions, successes and achievements encourage and inspire. Honouring women for their contribution to our communities is an important means of building confidence and pride of all women, and encourages other women and girls by publicly presenting role models. Any woman can be nominated, such as a local teacher, nurse, a businesswoman, author, community worker, mother, volunteer or a sportsperson. I am encouraging nominations, forms are available from my office and the closing date has been extended to 25 January. Please do not hesitate to contact my office for further enquiries.

Review of the Children and Young Person (Care and Protection) Act 1988

The Minister for Community Services has announced that the Government is commencing the Statutory review of this Act, which is the governing legislation for child protection and out-of -home care in NSW. Child, youth and family service organisations should be aware of this review and I appeal for submissions regarding issues facing children and young people at risk and the legislative safeguards required.

Inquiry into the Allocation of Social Housing

This inquiry is being conducted by the Public Bodies Review Committee was established in November 2005 to inquire into and report on the allocation of social housing in NSW, with particular emphasis on: Current levels of funding for the development of new housing stock
The effectiveness and appropriateness of housing allocations
Role of community housing in meeting the demand for social housing
Social housing allocation systems in other jurisdictions
Any other related matters. Submissions close 24 February 2006.

City and Country Environment Restoration Program

The Premier announced a new package of far-reaching initiatives to address the State's most critical environmental problems. The program includes funding of $426 million to be spent of the next five years. The program will be funded by a new Waste and Environmental Levy. An information pamphlet describing the new environmental initiatives in more detail is available from my office or from

Changes to Office of Justice of the Peace

My office continues to receive enquiries by local Justices of the Peace (JP's) who were not aware of changes implemented a number of years ago. If they have not already done so, JP's should register with my office to receive ensuing information on this issue and to obtain the reappointment forms. The main change affecting current JP's is that they will have to reapply every five years. Existing Justices of the Peace have three years (until 1 December 2006) to lodge your reappointment application and to re-establish either an employment or community based need for the appointment. Forms are available from my office on 6621 3624.

Did You Know?

The use of red and green as the respective colours for the Legislative Council Chamber and the Legislative Assembly Chamber is a tradition inherited from the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster when responsible government was established in New South Wales. The use of red for the House of Lords (and, by extension, for most Upper Houses in the Westminster system) is explained by the fact that red was a traditionally royal colour and the Lords' Chamber was decorated this way in honour of the Monarch's presence. It has been theorised that the reason for the use of green in the Lower House was that in the fourteenth century, when the English Parliament began to meet regularly, the general decoration of the whole of the palace of Westminster (where Parliament met) was green. Green was apparently a favourite colour of King Henry III (reigned 1216-1272) who built much of the Palace of Westminster, including St Stephen's chapel where the Commons met regularly from about 1547 to 1823 when the old Palace was destroyed by fire. Another theory of the use of the colour green is that residents used to meet on the Village Common, which of course was green, to air their grievances against the King.

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