Challenge to Carr Government

Express Examiner December 00

Challenge to Carr Government

The Federal Government's $1.2 billion Roads to Recovery funding package is wonderful news and has been recognised as one of the most significant achievements of the National Party.;


Roads to Recovery Additional Annual Grant

Roads to Recovery total over 4 years

Richmond Valley



Federal Member for Page, Ian Causley has worked hard and deserves congratulations on this achievement. Every dollar of this funding is over and above existing budget allocations from the Howard Government for local roads, Roads of National Importance and National Highways. Road funding is still a critical issue, and the responsibility ultimately rests with the State Government. I have challenged the Carr Government to demonstrate its commitment to the people of the Northern Rivers and boost its State allocations for roads, immediately.

Water Management Bill

The Carr Government has failed to get right the most significant elements of the Bill and in doing so has let down regional NSW. The National Party, the NSW Irrigators Council and NSW Farmers have made continuous approaches to the NSW Government and the Minister, requesting them to deliver a more equitable outcome for rural communities. They have provided no real security to water users at the end of a 10 year water management plan. There is no prospect of compensation with loss of entitlement at that time and no assurance that if a plan is working and fulfilling all of its objectives that its provision will continue into a new plan. Neither have they provided security for water users in the renewal of water access licences. They have imposed a Water Investment Trust on water users, without proper consultation of the stakeholders involved, and water users have been unified in their opposition to the Trust as it now exists. The Government has missed a real opportunity to develop an equitable and practical piece of legislation that provides for environmental requirements and sustainable management of water resources, whilst also presenting regional communities with certainty and security.

Assistance Package for NSW Meat Industry

A $12m package to help secure, develop and support the NSW meat processing industry which is currently undergoing a restructure and includes 42 abattoirs across the State. It was developed in partnership with the industry, unions, State and Local Government and expert analysts, Hassall and Associates. A steering committee has been set up to oversee the package. Assistance will focus on `value-adding' such as gourmet meat and pre-packaged meat for supermarkets. Further information is available.

Workers Compensation

Employers would be aware of the multi-billion accumulated deficit in the workers' compensation scheme. Recently at Parliament, Mr Della Bosca could not rule out some form of levy on employers to eliminate the deficit, which is very concerning. One of the most significant impediments to regional and rural employment is the high premium regime of workers compensation. Any levy on top of these premiums would cost jobs and prevent new development.

2000 Premier's Christmas Concert

For any seniors who happen to be travelling or planing a visit to Sydney, I have been allocated tickets the Premier's Christmas Concert performance on Monday 11 December at 3pm. Tickets and further details can be obtained upon request from my office.

Motor Vehicle Purchases - Cooling Off Period

A discussion paper considering the implementations of a cooling off period has recently been released. The paper looks at issues such as; the advantages and costs of cooling-off periods; the types of vehicles and transactions that could be subject to a cooling-off period; the length of a cooling-off period; and the consequences of cancelling a sale. I have circulated this information to many dealers in my electorate and all interested parties are being given the opportunity to comment over the next two months.

Public Private Infrastructure Green Paper

A green paper has been released into public and private sector infrastructure partnerships, which have the ability to benefit taxpayers in NSW. It is expected that feedback will incorporate innovative and practical ideas. Public and private infrastructure is an important channel for providing community infrastructure, not only in Australia but also throughout Europe and the United States. Copies are available upon request.

As 2000 draws to a close, Karen, Bronwyn, Rhonda & I extend Season Greetings for a safe, happy and holy Christmas. I trust everyone will be blest with good health for the year 2001.

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