Condolence Motion

Express Examiner 3 March 2005

Parliament resumed last week and opened with a minute's silence to recognise the passing of Pope John Paul II and the tragic loss of nine navy and air force personnel.

Condolence Motion

Representing the Lismore Electorate, I attended the concelebrated mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney commemorating the life of Pope John Paul II. I also had the opportunity to record the Lismore Electorate's thoughts and sympathy during the condolence motion in Parliament. Furthermore, I recorded and extended prayers and sympathy on behalf of the Lismore Electorate residents to the family, friends and services of the navy and air force personnel who recently loss their lives performing humanitarian aid.

Rotary Hosts Papua New Guinea Visitor

In accordance with the Rotary Centenary and the Rotary International District 9640, Centennial Conference, I have had the pleasure last week of hosting Mr Onibu Mari in my electorate office and in attendance at State Parliament for a few days. Mr Mari is an Electorate Manager of Dame Carol Kidu, New Guinea Minister for Community Development and Member for Moresby South. Mr Mari is visiting Australia together with Dame Kidu, under a Rotary Overseas Training Assistance Program (ROTAP).

Northern Stars Under the Big Top

2005 Northern Stars Under the Big Top - The Sky's the Limit was a fabulous production and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the organising team, volunteers, teachers, students and families for their participation in this biannual event. This production provides a wonderful and rare opportunity for children to showcase their talents in a variety of different segments. The chance to perform under a massive marquee and to be involved with fellow students, is an exciting and memorable event and one that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Students with outstanding musical talents, also gain important and valuable experience to enhance their future aspirations in the production industry.

2005 Seniors Week Awards

Two local ladies were nominated and achieved special recognition under the 2005 Seniors Week Achievement Award for their contribution to the development of our community, for their leadership and for their initiative. Mrs Jean McNaught and Mrs Peggy Constable both traveled to Sydney in March and were State Award winners, both were recognized for their volunteer and community service work. These ladies have contributed significantly for the benefit of their communities of Lismore and Kyogle, respectively. Congratulations!

Landmark 'Right to Farm' Bill Introduced in Parliament

Landmark legislation introduced into the State Parliament will safeguard a landholders 'right to farm'. The Protection of Agricultural Land (Right to Farm) legislation provides for rural land use notices to be given to purchasers of land adjoining or adjacent to rural land. Under this legislation, a purchaser will be given prior notice of their neighbours agricultural activities. This prior use notice will be taken into account in any subsequent proceedings to limit or prohibit land for agricultural purposes. Essentially, this legislation emphasises that continuing legal use rights exist and the buyer of land adjacent to rural land purchases the land in that knowledge. The legislation would neither limit a farmer's ability to subdivide in the future, nor allow for illegal agricultural activities. Landowners are also allowed to continue to apply for an alternative use of their land through rezoning.

Enclosure Permit Win

As many landholders may have already heard the NSW Government has, for the third time, backed down on its changes rentals for Enclosed Road Permits. Recently The Nationals/Liberals released its Policy (copy available upon request) and last week the NSW Carr Labor Government was forced to back down and offer a reduction in its proposed rent levels. Whilst the Government's changes are a vast improvement on what was originally proposed, there are still major areas of concern. The Nationals/Liberals major concern is that the Government has only promised to reduce the rents for a three year period that ends in July 2007. The Nationals/Liberals believe that if Labor is re-elected in March 2007 rents will go straight back up to the originally intended level of $350 and $750 per annum that they had originally proposed. I believe that The Nationals/Liberals' policy is responsible and fair, and we look forward to implementing our policy in full when The Nationals/Liberals go into Government in 2007.

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