Kyogle Hospital Opening

Express Examiner 7 December 2005

Kyogle Hospital Opening

I attended the opening of the Kyogle Memorial Health Centre on Monday 28 November and I was honoured to recognise Ian Causley, Federal Member for Page, the Federal and NSW Governments for their support in providing this facility for Kyogle. I was privileged to join with the Minister for Health, John Hatzistergos and Tom Fitzgerald in unveiling the plaque. The opening and day of celebrations was a tribute to Tom Fitzgerald, his Committee and the community of Kyogle for their dedication, commitment and persistence which reflects over ten years of hard work in turning this dream into a reality. Congratulations everyone, well done Kyogle!

Extra Police Needed Now

I recently called on the Minister for Police to provide the Richmond Local Area Command (LAC) with extra police. The LAC has 13 officers on long term sick or stress leave, 12 on restricted duties and nine vacancies. This equates to approximately 20% of the allocated numbers to the Command. Add these figures to those that are on regular holidays and it leaves the LAC with a critical shortage. The result of this is police are being drawn from all stations to cover these shift vacancies, which in turn leaves some areas without the expected police presence. For example, a vacancy in Lismore could draw police from Nimbin or Casino, therefore leaving a shortage there. I understand that the vacancies at Nimbin, Tabulam & Woodburn are being advertised however there is a critical need to have not only these positions immediately filled but also the other five vacancies throughout the Command. I called on Minister Scully to have these problems addressed immediately as the pressure of having 20% of the workforce unavailable is creating a unacceptable work environment for those police doing a tremendous job in not only carrying out their normal policing duties but covering the shortfall as well.

Self-Funded Retirees Winners Under New Nationals' Policy

Country and coastal self-funded retirees will benefit from a Nationals' policy to establish a NSW Seniors Concession Allowance of $300 a year for self-funded retirees. Under a Nationals/Liberal Coalition Government, the Allowance would be provided to self-funded retirees to assist them in meeting State Government fees and charges, such as motor vehicle registration, electricity bills and council rates. For more information, contact my office.

Kyogle Incident! Teach and Reinforce Stranger Danger to Children

Whilst children are often taught `stranger danger' at school and following a recent incident, I urge all parents to talk to their children about "Stranger Danger". As parents we should inform or remind children about the dangers in talking to or accepting rides or gifts from strangers. Children should be encouraged to walk or wait in groups with friends to deter predators. Children are not only our most precious members of the community but also our future. We as a community need to be aware of what's happening around us, especially when we see young children out on the streets alone. If you see or hear a problem, notify 000 immediately. Police need information to act and catch these predators. We certainly don't want this behaviour in our community.

The Protection of the Environment Operations Amendment Bill 2005

Ridiculous Labor legislation will see country families fined thousands of dollars for smokey chimneys. The Protection of the Environment Operations Amendment Bill 2005 was passed in the Legislative Council last week. The legislation allows $3,300 fines to be slapped on families who fail to comply with Smoke Abatement Notices for "excessive smoke" - defined as a visible plume of smoke for 10 minutes, including a 30 second period when it is at least 10 metres long. This new legislation will force many country families with wood heaters and/or wood stoves to go without heating during winter. While others will be forced to buy bottled gas or install electric heaters at great expense - an expense particularly the old and frail cannot afford.

Electorate Events

I recently attended the following Electorate functions and enjoyed the opportunity to join with my constituents.
Quota Club Cheque Presentation, Kyogle
Commissioning of Chaplain Janet Gates
Pacific Highway Meeting at Grafton
Schools Spectacular, Sydney

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