Cutting Payroll Tax

Express Examiner 27 September 2006

Cutting Payroll Tax

To help address the enormous payroll tax burden on NSW businesses, the NSW Coalition has committed to cutting payroll tax by up to $15,000 for more than 22,000 NSW businesses and exempting more than 4,500 NSW businesses from paying payroll tax at all.

This commitment is especially welcome on the NSW Far North Coast, where small businesses are competing with the much lower business taxes offered across the border in Queensland.

Payroll tax remains a major regulatory and cost burden for NSW businesses and major changes to the current regime to allow NSW businesses to rebuild business confidence, encourage business investment and foster jobs growth.

The payroll tax cuts and exemptions will be achieved by raising the tax free threshold on annual payrolls from $600,000 to $850,000.

Changing Energy Contracts

Since the NSW Government opened up the energy sector to retail competition, my office has been contacted recently by a number of people concerned about contracts being offered to them by alternative energy providers.

Whilst the new rules allow us as customers to shop around and get a better deal, it can also cause confusion about what is being offered.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW has produced a Fact Sheet for customers considering a new contract. Amongst the advice they offer is that the consumer should carefully read any contract they are offered before signing and check it matches the deal the marketer described.

They advise there are two types of contracts, `Standard Form Contracts' and `Negotiated Contracts'. Standard Form Contracts apply when you buy electricity or gas direct from the standard retailer in your area, you automatically enter into a Standard Form Customer Contract. This contract is regulated by the Government and has standard rules and customer protections.

Negotiated Contracts apply if you change your retailer or accept a different offer from your standard retailer, you will enter a Negotiated Contract.

If you would like further information please contact my office for a copy of the Fact Sheet.

Congratulatory Messages Reminder

As most people would be aware when you turn 100 you receive a letter from Queen. But did you also know that a letter can also be sent for couples celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary? For those celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or 90th birthday messages can be arranged from the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Premier & Governor.

If you or family members are commemorating any of these important milestones, please contact my office and we will make arrangements for letters to be sent to for your family's special occasion.

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