Roads rescue

The Kyogle News December 00

Parliament is now in recess for the Christmas break and will resume in late February 2001. The following items were debated in the last session; the Review of the Horticultural Stock and Nurseries Act, the Water Management Bill, the Right to Self Defence Bill, and the devastating effects of the floods out West.

Roads rescue

The Federal Government's $1.2 billion Roads to Recovery funding package is wonderful news and has been recognised as one of the most significant achievements of the National Party.


Roads to Recovery Additional Annual Grant

Roads to Recovery total over 4 years



$2,540 484

Federal Member for Page, Ian Causley has worked hard and deserves congratulations on this achievement. Every dollar of this funding is over and above existing budget allocations from the Howard Government for local roads, Roads of National Importance and National Highways. Road funding is still a critical issue, and the responsibility ultimately rests with the State Government. I will continue to make representations, calling on the Carr Government to demonstrate its commitment to the people of the Northern Rivers and boost its State allocations for roads.

Diesel Off -Road Subsidy

I tabled a Notice of Motion calling on the Carr Government to admit that it had discontinued the Off-road Diesel Fuel Scheme. The reinstatement of this scheme would allow farmers and contractors the benefit of the 7 cents per litre that has been lost due to the action of Premier Carr and his Country Labor counterparts. My Coalition colleagues and I have also requested an inquiry into the Petroleum Price Subsidy Scheme with the aim of jolting the Carr Government into action to provide North Coast motorists with some relief from high fuel prices.

Workers Compensation

The Coalition has been proposing certain amendments to the Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2000; to expand the employee component of the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council to include non-union members; and to provide representation for 75% of workers who do not belong to a union. Local employers would all be aware of the multi-billion accumulated deficit in the workers' compensation Scheme. The Minister told Parliament last month that he did not rule out some form of levy on employers to eliminate the deficit, which is of great concern to the Coalition.

2000 Premier's Christmas Concert

For any seniors who happen to be travelling or planing a visit to Sydney, I have been allocated tickets the Premier's Christmas Concert performance on Monday 11 December at 3pm.

As 2000 draws to a close, Karen, Bronwyn, Rhonda & I extend Season Greetings to everyone for a safe, happy and holy Christmas. I trust everyone will be blest with good health for the year 2001.

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