LifeForce Suicide Prevention Week

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LifeForce Suicide Prevention Week

From November 6 to 10, LifeForce is aiming to bring the issue of suicide out into the open.

Self-Defence Bill

The Coalition's Bill will codify the law relating to self-defence of property and person. The Bill will simply the issue of self-defence by stipulating what level of force is acceptable to use against an assailant to protect oneself, another person or one's property. I am interested to receive community feedback on this Bill.

Greenslips Set To Rise

The Carr Government's promised $100 reduction in greenslip renewals from October 1999, which was capped only until October 2000. It is anticipated that premiums will now rise for renewals. I would be interested to hear from individuals who experience substantial increases.

Stamp Duty on Dairy Payments and Further Assistance

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the different assistance packages that are available for dairy farmers. I urge all dairy farmers to make their own specific enquiries and if further assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact my office. The office of State Revenue has confirmed that stamp duty on lump sum payments under the Dairy Structural Adjustment Scheme will not apply. The ruling from the Office of State Revenue states that given this, "the property secured by the charge is not located in NSW and therefore no mortgage duty is payment in NSW." This is welcome news for dairy farmers across the State.

Police Assistance Line (PAL) 131 444

After conducting stock theft forums, it has become evident that many rural people are not utilising this assistance line. It is a convenient around-the-clock way to report a range of non-urgent crimes or any suspicious criminal activity. PAL handles break, enter and steal offences, motor vehicle theft, stealing from a vehicle, malicious damage, minor motor vehicle crash reports and lost property. I strongly encourage the use of this assistance line that provides intelligence, enabling the logging of statistics regarding types and incidence of criminal activity.

North Coast Area Assistance Scheme

Non profit organisations and local councils have been invited to apply for funding for social and community development projects under the Area Assistance Scheme. Contact should be made with the Community Project Officers at local councils to obtain further details.

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